Historical Sites in Corum

Alacahoyuk is an important site of the Hittite era, 52km south west of Corum city in the Anatolian region. Here you will see the Hittite gateway flanked by two sphinxes and finished with bas-reliefs. It is a remarkable relic. The museum here exhibits many Hittite era artifacts and gold and bronze objects from the earlier Hattion Bronze age culture of the Corum region

Bogazkale or Hattusas, is a town in the central region of Corum and it has some fascinating remains of great antiquity. Hittite was known as the city of temples since it was the religious center of the Hittites. Here you will see the remarkable temple of the storm God Tesup and a fortress. The city has double walls surrounding it and three gates. These are the Royal gate, Lions gate and the tunnel gate called Yerkapi. Here you can get an idea of the imperial palace, Government buildings and Hittite artisanship.

Yazilikaya, 2km from Bogazkale, is another interesting ancient site. The name means "Inscribed Rock" and the rock monuments of the place, dating back to the 13th century, are fascinating. These rock monuments are arranged in two galleries with an open-air pantheon facing them in front. You will see fine and well-preserved reliefs of Hittite Gods and Godesses carved on its walls, made from local rocks. Of particular interest is the relief of a king in priestly robes.

From the more recent period is the beautifully constructed 13th century Ulu mosque and the 19th century watchtower built during the Seljuk era. They are both located in the environs of Corum city and well worth a look The Ulu mosque is considered a landmark of the city.
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