Corum Hotels and Accommodation

The Anita hotel, at the city center, has 60 rooms and 120 beds. It is a modern air-conditioned hotel with all facilities including a 180 capacity restaurant offering a varied menu.

The Mavi Ocak hotel is a 3-star hotel 5km from the city center It has 60 rooms and 9 suites. All rooms have private baths, phone, TV, Internet connection, mini bar and safe box. The hotel has all sports and recreational facilities including a swimming pool with a children's section. Besides restaurants and bars it also has a 100 capacity conference room.

The other hotels in Corum city are the Dalgiclar and the Corum Buyuk hotels.

Bogazkale also has accommodation but they are simple lodgings.

The two symbols of Corum are the two things you should buy - copper souvenirs and roasted chickpeas.
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