2006 Solar Eclipse in Turkey

2006 Solar eclipse path on earth
2006 Solar eclipse path on earth

Wednesday, 29th March 2006. Half of the Earth will experience a total solar eclipse. Central Turkey is one of the many regions that is going to see this old but always new natural phenomenon.

The towns of Side and Manavgat (between Antalya and Alanya on Turkey's Mediterranean coast), Sultanhani (between Konya and Aksaray), Hacibektas (in Cappadocia) and Ordu (on the Black Sea coast) will be directly at the path's center.

The duration of eclipse totality will be about 3 minutes, 45 seconds at Manavgat on Turkey's Mediterranean coast (at 10:57 am GMT/UTC, or 1:57 pm local time), and 3 minutes, 30 seconds at Ordu (at 11:10 am GMT/UTC, or 2:10 pm local time) on the Black Sea coast.

The Cappadocia sky will be full of hot-air balloons. A novel way to watch this astral novelty, indeed.

The towns and cities of Olimpos, Konya, Aksaray, G├╝lsehir and Tokat will be close to the center of the path of the moon's umbral shadow. They will be equally decent for sky gazing.