Places to Watch the Eclipse in Turkey

Some towns and cities are going to be more suitable ground for stargazing than others are.

Antalya: It is the largest resort city on the Mediterranean coast. Its airport is busy 24x7. It is well connected with buses. Thousands of rental cars make travel easy. Accommodation is nicely taken care of with thousands of hotels.

Alanya: A large coastal resort city with plenty of hotels and well connected with buses, trains and cars.

Konya: Historic city (famous as the birthplace of Rumi) with excellent air and road connections. The overnight Meram Ekspresi train is a direct link to Istanbul.

Aksaray: Central Anatolian crossroads city on the ancient Silk Road with good bus connections and some hotels.

Nevsehir & Cappadocia: The most photogenic region of Turkey and consequently a huge tourist draw. The major thrill, of course, is bubbling along the Cappadocian sky in a hot air balloon. An early morning flight and the eclipse - can anything be more fascinating? However, places on flights on the eclipse day are already being reserved, so you have to be an early bird to catch the eclipse from a balloon.

Plenty of excellent hotels, restaurants and other services in the towns of Ürgüp and Göreme. Get there by bus or fly from Istanbul to Kayseri.

Kayseri: It is situated on the eastern edge of Cappadocia and is a big, historic, commercial metropolis. It is on the air map of Turkey. It has a well-developed bus communication system and a large number of rental cars.

Amasya: Appealing, historic small Central Anatolian city. It is dramatically set in a narrow river valley between steep rock walls. There are some good hotels and charming inns. You can get there by bus or rental car.

Sivas: A historic commercial Central Anatolian city with decent air, rail and bus connections.

Tokat: Another quiet, historic Central Anatolian city with comfortable accommodations and communications. Besides the eclipse, its attraction is the battlefield at Zile, 70 km west. This battleground is famous as being the location from which Julius Caeser had sent his (by now, more famous) one-liner to Rome: Veni, vidi, vici ("I came, I saw, I conquered").

Giresun: It is the largest town on the coast of Black Sea, which is near the umbral path. A bus or a rented car will take you there.

Trabzon: Largest Black Sea coast city near the umbral path, with good hotels, and some air, sea and bus connections, and rental cars.
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