Main Attractions in Edirne

Edirne is a treasure trove of many ancient day architectural marvels. The remnants of history offer a glimpse into the prosperous days of ancient rulers. The most symbolic monument of Edirne is the Selimiye Mosque, built by the veteran architect Mimar Sinan. The decorations of the structure are elaborate and the minarets stand as high as 70 m. It is an exquisite work of marble. The other prominent mosques with architectural and historical significance are Yildirim, Eski, Muradiye, Serefeli and Beyazit II.

The Edirne Palace is another grand structure symbolizing the proud reign of Sultan Murat II. The travelers' inns of historical Edirne are also worth visiting. The prominent examples are Rustem Pasha and Ekmekcioglu Ahmet Pasha caravansaries. The city of Edirne is strewn with many old bridges that stand till date with their ancient charm. The Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum and Archeological museum are also good options for taking a broad view of Edirne's historical wealth.

A general sense of gaiety is common in Edirne. Every year in June the city holds a festival called Kirkpinar. This sporting festival is the oldest organized sporting event known. The festival celebrates the traditional sport of Edirne, namely oil wrestling.