Main Attractions in Elazig

Harput, 5 km north of Elazig is a place of immense historical value. In its glorious days, it happened to be the meeting point of several civilizations. With the vast majority of its population, shifting base to the Elazig city, Harput lost its importance. However, till date it treasures all those marks left behind by the several cultures and is hence dotted with ancient tombs, mosques, castles and churches.

The Byzantine fortress, which used to be an important Seljuk-Ottoman cultural and academic center, is a must-see. If History interests you, you can also visit places like the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, Ulu Camii (1156), Sarahtun Camii (1465), Alacali Camii, Arap baba Mescidi ve turbesi (1279), Aga Camii and the Fortress of Pertek. Firat university is yet another important site to visit.

If you love nature and tranquility, then you must go to Hazar Lake (Hazar Golu), which is 25 km South of Elazig. Buzluk cave (12 km north-west) is a prime tourist attraction, which remains cool in summer and warm in winters. The Munzur valley national park near Ovacik is also a great place to unwind.

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