Main Attractions in Eskisehir

Three popular tombs namely Sheik Edibali Tomb, the Kumbet Baba Tomb and the Cupola of Alemsah are worth seeing in Eskisehir. You should also visit the historic Falcon Fortress, the Unfinished Monument, and the Gerdek Rock to get the flavour of Eskisehir's remote past. Most of these edifices are made of Meerschaum stone, a local variety also the best quality. You will find display samples of different kinds of kilims and hand-knit socks and stockings in the Rug and Seyitgazi Museums. The "Birth Festivities" of the celebrated humor master and public philosopher, Nasreddin Hoca is organized with great pomp in Eskisehir every year in the last week of June.

Other tourist destinations in Eskisehir are:
  • Sakaryabasi: You'll certainly relish your summer travel most at Sakaryabasi and its spring lake where the fresh fish restaurants dishing up a wide range of Turkish delicacies welcome you.

  • Sivrihisar (Justinianopolis) located just outside of Eskisehir will lead you to places replete with typical Ottoman houses and its kilims. Then you should head towards Seyit Battal Gazi (Nakoleia) to find a magnificent mosque complex on a hill. It was built to pay homage to the celebrated Islamic hero Seyit Battal.

  • The Yunus Emre Village: The 13th Century world famous poet Yunus Emre is buried here. A commemorative tomb and a museum were built here to perpetuate the memory of the great poet. The yearly celebration is held in May.

  • Ballihisar (Pessinus): As you drive through Eskisehir road about 117 kms. from Ankara and turn 16 kms. to the right, you'll arrive at the Phrygian city Pessinus (Ballihisar). Here you should visit the Temple of Cybele, mother goddess, and an open-air museum displaying sculptures discovered in the Phyrigian cult center dating back to 10th century BC.

  • Midas: The Phrygians settled at this place (66 kms. south of Eskisehir) between 8th and 6th Century BC. Here you'll find the ancient city with an acropolis overlooking the lower land. Other important sights include two open-air cult temples carved into the rock, rock tombs and Phrygian inscriptions, an underground tunnel negotiating the site with the valley extending below and the Midas Monument dedicated to Goddess Cybele. Three tombs within bounds of Midas, namely, Kucuk Yazilikaya, Sutunlu Kale and Doganli Kale are singularly remarkable. The Phrygian Monuments in Kumbet and Deveboynu towns are also worth visiting.