Issues Regarding the EU Membership of Turkey

The issues surrounding Turkey's inclusion in the EU ranges from demographic through geographic to political, of which the major ones are listed below.

One important problem is that, Turkey if included in the EU, would become the highest populated member state by 2020 (current population 71 million), surpassing Germany.

Secondly, the highlight is on the geographical boundary issue. The age-old question in this regard is that if a geographical border is set for Europe then whether or not Turkey will fit into it.

Another equally serious point is Turkey's dispute with Greece over the territorial rights and oil exploration rights beneath the Aegean Sea. As far as human rights records are concerned, there are some sore points, too. Amnesty International and Helsinki Watch are two human rights monitoring organizations backed by EU, which have reported the consistent practice of random arrests, disappearance, extra judicial killings, censorship and torture in prisons in Turkey.

The last major obstacle in the path of unification of Turkey and the European Union is the future of the divided island of the Cyprus. Though the dispute was supposed to have been solved by 3rd October 2005 (the date of launching of membership negotiation), it is still very much unsolved.