Fethiye Attractions

Fethiye is also a treasure trove of historical remnants. You can find interesting glimpses into the ancient Lycian culture and in the remains found in and around Fethiye. So add a touch of historical exploration to your summer vacation.

Perhaps the biggest crowd puller of the place is the Lycian rock tombs carved out intricately from natural rocks. The Amnytas tomb is sculpted in the typical Doric style. There is also a fortress in the city built by the Knights of Rhodes.

Other historical spots of interest that lure travel freaks are the Sarcopaghi and the Fethiye Tower. The Xanthos and Letoon cities lie close to Fethiye. These are important representatives of the ancient Lycian cult.

Fethiye also houses the museum, which exhibits ceramics, sculptures, silver jewellery and handicrafts. The Telmessos Antique Theatre also attracts tourists in large numbers. It was built as an arena by the Romans in 2000 AD.