Main Attractions in Finike

Finike is a treasure house of tourist attractions and especially for those who are archaeologically inclined.

The Arykanda (Arif) for example is a ruined Lycian city that speaks of many untold stories yet to be discovered. Situated in the middle of the Elmali-Finike highway on the Toros Mountains the native name Arykanda proves its antiquity. Amongst the many attractions in Arykanda the structures that stand to this day are the state Agora, an Odeon, a cathedral, a few baths, a stadium with three tiers and a small theater. You will also find Lycian type sarcophagi scattered all over.

The water arches on the surface of the rocks at the foundation of Aykiri Brook is one of the most attractive features of the city.

Limyra, an ancient city situated among greenhouses was known as Zemu (ri) in Lycian language and has been in existence since the 5th century B.C. Pericles used this city as his headquarters while establishing the Lycian alliance. Limyra first gained importance at the beginning of the 6th century. You will find many theatres, a church, heroon, the Xatabura tomb and important works of art all in the most intact form.

Another place of interest is the undersea city near the island of Kekova, which you can by hiring a boat. The place is situated in a spectacular oceanic location with islands scattered all around. This undersea city had been devastated by an earthquake centuries ago but amazingly, the Lycian tombs present here remained in a very good condition. The Lycians were an ancient civilization as old as the Hitites and the Egyptians, so you can imagine its importance as a source of information.

The Myra Theater is an ancient and huge Roman theater in Finike, which offers a great view from the top. The structure is almost 150m in diameter and has 38 rows of sculptures and inscriptions. Needless to say there is a stage in the theater and its size is really to be marveled at.

If the dead really fascinate you then you could visit the Ancient Graves situated near the Roman theater. These are ancients Fenecian graves that are almost 2000 years old. The specialty of these graves is that unlike normal graves, they are situated in the mountain slopes. From a distance, they appear like dwelling caves. Unfortunately, however the graves have been looted of all its possessions so you get to see only the tombs.