Gallipoli Hotels and Accommodation

Some hotels you can stay during your Gallipoli visit are:
  • Anzac hotel: the Anzac hotel is located near a famous monument of the Canakkale city - the Clock Tower square. The hotel has a central location with respect to various cafes, restaurants, historical sites, pubs and shops. The seaside is only 50 kms away. The rooms are comfortable, well furnished and well equipped, and have sea views as well as historical site views.

  • Akol hotel: located in the heart of the Canakkale city, this is the only four star hotel in the area. All the shopping complexes, business centers and beaches are easily accessible from here. The hotel offers comfortable to luxurious accommodation, delicious dishes, open buffet, etc. it is equipped with meeting rooms, bars and several other amenities.

  • Eceabat hotel: the Eceabat luxury hotel is run by the TJ tours. It is a recommendable hotel and is closest to the Gallipoli battlefields (8 km.).