Main Attractions in Gaziantep

Sightseeing in Gaziantep promises no dull moment and your hands will literally be full. The Gaziantep Fortress is the most grandest of buildings in the city, but is of unknown origin. However, the rulers who ruled this land undertook regular renovation and conservation work on this historical landmark. With numerous watchtowers, a tomb, a mosque, a bath and underground pathways, this fort was extensively used during the War of Liberation against the French.

The Hasan Suzer Ethnography Museum exhibits articles that are of immense value from the historical, archaeological and sociological point of view of the ancient city.

The Yesemek Open Air Museum is a sculpture workshop and a school that offers students an in depth knowledge of sculpting, right from extraction of stones to the final work. It is believed to have been in operation even around 1375-1335 BC.

One of the important settlements you must make a point to visit is the Rumkale settlement, situated where the Merziman brook meets the Euphrates (Firat) River. Built by the Hittites it dates back to 840 BC and is said to have been the place chosen by St. John to spread Christianity.

Another place worth a visit is the Karkamis district located near the Syrian border with its ancient temples, Hilani styled houses and antic city walls.

In the village of Kavunlu you will find the remains of an old city called Belkis or Zeugma. With clear indications of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine rule, the excavations have been kept in the Gaziantep museum, which boasts of being the second largest mosaic museum in the world.

Far away from the madding crowd literally, lies Dulluk a place where you can unite with nature and even camp up for a night or two.

Turkey is famous for its Bazaars and Gaziantep is not left behind in this respect. Two main bazaars that are still going strong are the 18th century built Zincirli Bazaar also known as "black steps bazaar" and has 80 shops and five gates; the other is the 19th century Kemikli, a rectangular building made of cut stone and has two gates.

Once at Gaziantep, its houses are sure to catch your attention, and rightly so for Gaziantep is as famous for its architecture as its vineyards and olive orchards. Another thing that makes Gaziantep known all over the world is its pistachio; so make sure you get a handful at least.
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