Gaziantep Food

Food in Gaziantep is different from the cuisine in other parts of Turkey because of the influence of Ogus Turks and Aleppo. The difference is visible in its rice meals, soups, kababs, meatballs, etc. The meatballs come in varieties of cig kofte, meatball with malhita (lentils), Sour small meatballs, Small meatball with yoghurt, Icli kofte. Its desserts are a must try for the tourist as well and they include the sweet pastry baklava, burmali, kunefe, sari burma, kadayif etc.

Its kebab varieties include kiyma kebab or minced meat, kusbasi kebab, simit kebab, patlican (aubergine) kebab, ciger (liver) kebab and sogan (onion) kebab.

Other than these, make sure you at least taste the lahmacun (a pancake prepared with spicy meat), yuvarlama (mas soup) and karisik dolama (a preparation made of different types of vegetables, yogurtlu patates or potato with yogurt, beyran etc).