Gaziantep Hotels

Accommodation facilities in Gaziantep are plenty and can suit the budget of any range. The Tugcan Hotel is your destination if you are looking for a luxurious stay. With all possible facilities and amenities available like central heating, minibar, entertainment facilities, nightclubs, disco, indoor swimming pool, sauna etc. the hotel is a pleasure palace. Moreover, its 3 restaurants and 4 bars offer a wide choice to satiate your gastronomic inclinations.

The Ravanda Hotel named after a castle of the same name is truly fit for a king. Its luxury rooms and suites pamper your senses. One of the attractions of Southern Anatolia, it would be no exaggeration to call this hotel the best amongst all the others. The difference is for you to discover, in its service and amenities.

The Antique Belkis Han Hotel is a 19th century structure enjoying a location close to almost all the important places in Gaziantep city. Its friendly staff and 'luxurious without being ostentatious' guest rooms will make your stay there thoroughly enjoyable.

The Tilmen Hotel is the first 4 star hotel of the city of Gaziantep and has an excellent reputation that has been justly rewarded over and over again. With outstanding facilities to match its performance in other sectors, the hotel is a popular place for tourists.