Main Attractions in Giresun

The geographical scenario in Giresun is as varied as the architectural remnants of the city, and so there is something to please everyone.

The Giresun Castle is a living example of the glorious period this town once saw, with its tomb of the National Strife Hero-Topal Osman Aga, caves, fortifications, etc.

The Giresun Island is unique because it is the only island in the Black Sea and is situated at a distance of 1 mile from the coast. The island with a total area of 40000 square meters can be accessed by private boats and is especially a treat during the Aksu festivals.

The Catholic Church Building situated in the Cinarlar district is an 18th century structure built in the gothic style. Presently it serves as a Children's Library, but the architectural nuances that survive to this day are its main attraction.

The Seyyit Vakkas Mausoleum is a 19th century structure located in the Kapu District. The strange thing about this mausoleum is that it is dedicated to the memory of a 15th century territorial governor, Seyyit Vakks, who sacrificed his life in the service of Fatih Sultan Mehmet but was built in the 19th century.

The Zeytinlik District has traditional Giresun houses that are protected property and are rented out as only resorts for the tourists. With plenty of old houses to be seen in this district, the place would be an interesting place to visit for the people interested in ancient building principles and architecture.

If however lazing on the beach is what you desperately want to do, then there are coasts on both the east and west side of Giresun city for your pleasure. Located within 5 kilometers of the city centre of Giresun are six magnificent beaches where you could get a nice tan-Giresun, Arif Kumas, Belediye, Tabya, Emniyet, Jandarma.

You could also camp at these beaches and some others as well like the Bulancak Belediye, Tirebolu Beach, Kesap Duzkoy Belediye. If you visit Giresun in summer then you might also avail of the Blue Tours organized between Giresun Island and Giresun port.

There are also natural mineral water springs in Giresun that are great to drink and also has medicinal properties. The Batlama River has two mineral water springs called the Caldag mineral water and the Inisdibi Mineral water. They have therapeutic properties that can relieve renal disease and can ease the process of digestion and are also bottled and sold. Another famous mineral water spring is the Pinarlar Mineral Water situated at the Kulakkaya road junction on Sebinkarahisar road.

The Aksu Festivals that takes place each year between May 20 and 23 is a great crowd puller that takes place in the entrance of the Aksu stream, 4 kilometers away from Giresun city center. With the roots of the festival going back to several hundreds of years, you should try not to miss this.

The nearby Karagöller Mountains situated at a distance of 60 kilometers from Giresun, are perfect for trekking. So if you love the outdoors make sure you take along all your gear.