Restaurants and Shopping in Giresun

Giresun is famous for its Collard and anchovy therefore it would be a shame if you miss out on it. The meals here are different mainly because they are mostly cooked in corn flour and you will know it when you taste some of their most popular dishes like the Corn Bread, Bean pickle, Collard Soup, Nettle puree, Collard Dible, Pezik Mihlama and Cherry Salting.

Shopping at Giresun is interesting because the stuff that you will get here are not the typical ones available all over Turkey, like carpets and rugs. The main occupation that drives this province is agriculture so the mementos, gifts and souvenirs you buy will be something or the other related to it. The main thing is of course cherry, but other than that hazelnuts and walnuts are also sold widely. Other products are hides and timber and they have wonderful artifacts using these.
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