Main Attractions in Gordion

The main attraction of Gordion lies in the excavations, which unearthed almost 18 layers of civilizations from the Bronze Age to the Roman period.

As you drive into Gordion, you will see the landscape sprinkled with little mounds. These are called tumuli. The Phrygians built large wooden tombs near Gordian for their dead. These tombs were covered by artificial hills that are the tumuli.

The largest tumulus is that of King Midas. This is one of the main attractions for visitors to Gordion. Excavated in 1957, the mound of Midas is 300 meters in diameter and is 43 meters high. In the wooden chamber, the corpse of a man was found along with the remains of his last dinner. It still contains some furniture, presumably from Midas' palace.

Most of the treasures from the tumuli are in the Ankara museum. You will find wooden furniture, wooden statues, vases, bronze cauldrons and silver and gold jewelry kept there.

The Gordion museum is another place, which gives you a complete glimpse of the history and settlements of Gordion. You must see the artifacts from every period, which have been chronologically displayed. You will get to see pots, pans and tools made of steel from the Bronze Age, Greek ceramics 6 BC- 4 AD right down to articles belonging to Hellinistic and Roman times.

As you wander around the city, you can see the excavations still going on. You will find many historical remains around these sites.

Another place to visit would be the Andolu Medeniyetleri Muzesi which exhibits bronze seals, bowls and plates, terracotta wall decorations all belonging to the Hittites and Phrygians. You will also see the statue of the Phrygian goddess Kybele on display here.
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