How to Find Your Way Through Grand Bazaar

At one glance from the distance, the Grand Bazaar comes across as any tourist's nightmare, with its confusing maze of lanes and alleys, teeming with shops and people. But once you have had a walk around the Bazaar, you will find the layout very easy and tourist-friendly.

Throughout most of the Grand Bazaar, it seems as if shops are clubbed into one area or a street. Thus you have a street with shops all selling gold ornaments or a lane where all shops specialize in spices. Navigating is all the more easy since the lanes are also named after the products they store.

The key entry point to the Grand Bazaar is through the Nuruosmaniye Gate, which means "the light of the Ottomans". Traveling as the crow flies, you come to the street selling gold jewelry, which is the Kalpakcilarbasi Street. This is the main street in the market and lanes and by lanes flow out of it.

Thus the leather goods zone is to the left of the main street while the antique wares are in the interiors of the market. There are even mosques, cafes, a police station and tourist information kiosks in the Bazaar. The famed Turkish baths or Hamams are to be found in plenty off the main street.
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