The Wares in Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar houses around 5000 shops, selling a wide variety of products ranging from premium quality leather ware, clothing to souvenirs like hand-painted ceramic objects and Turkish stone products. Here you can also find shops selling the hugely popular indoor board game Backgammon.

Turkey is widely known for its exquisite jewelry, carpets, spices and pottery. All these things are found in abundance in the Grand Bazaar and if you are lucky enough you may even land up a good bargain.

The rows and rows of jewelry shops lined up on either side of the street, with their dazzling array of gold ornaments is a huge attraction, for the jewelry pieces come at quite equitable prices. However, gold is not at all cheap in Turkey; it is only that the labor charges are low as compared to other countries, which make the end products cheaper.

Apart from gold ornaments, you will also come across a motley collection of jewelry studded with ruby, sapphire, emerald and various other kinds of precious and semi-precious stones. These ornaments bear the imprint of the aesthetic sense and the fine craftsmanship of the Turks.

Turkish carpets are renowned the world over and are regarded as veritable works of art. They may come in wool, cotton or silk and have the most intricate of designs and patterns woven in them. The kilim, which is a patterned, reversible woolen rug in flat weave, is widely available in the Grand Bazaar.

The Grand Bazaar also has in store for you copper and brass artifacts, meerschaum pipes, alabaster bookends and ashtrays and glossy tiles and pottery. There are wall brackets and plates in ceramic, cotton and wool attire, locally produced casual wear and even fakes of global brands like Tommy Hilfiger. In the realm of the eclectic, there are even belly dancing and folk costumes.

Turkish amber stone work is also very famous and if you take a stroll down the Bazaar lanes you will surely chance upon some exquisite pieces carved in amber.

For the ones with a fetish for things old, the Grand Bazaar has shops selling antique ware like second hand watches and archaic calligraphic samples.