Gumushane Hotels and Transportation

The most exhilarating way of getting to Gumushane is by taking the ancient road that meanders down through the famous Zigana pass, a pass that was at one time dreaded by travelers traveling the road from Trabzon on the Black Sea to Erzurum. This ancient road will give you the most stupendous views of Gumushane landscapes, and will take you back in time as you traverse the path that once was treaded by merchants and their caravans.

If you are short on time or not adventurous enough to take a route off the beaten track, you can opt to travel through the tunnel approximately 2 kilometers in length which circumvents through the heart of the mountain. This route is shorter and of course saves time, but you miss out on the sheer beauty of the drive, as well as miss out on the experience of traversing an ancient trade route.

Hotels in Gümüshane range from nice and cozy 3 star properties with standard rooms and facilities that commensurate with the price you are paying to reasonably priced accommodation with clean and comfortable rooms. The food and beverage facilities would vary according to the class of the hotel - smaller ones may only be able to provide breakfast, while the larger ones would be able to service all meals. Most hotels do have air-conditioning in the rooms and public areas.
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