Main Attractions in Hakkari

The Kirmizi Kümbet Mezarligi (Red Vault Graveyard) is a graveyard within Güleres Baba District, and is revered as a holy place and it is visited by many. It is on a ridge, inclined from North to South. Take a look at Researcher Muvaffak Uyanik's discovery of thousands of unusual rock pictures which tell their own story, drawn on the rocks at "Geveruk" and "Tirsin" plateaus at the west of Hakkari regions.

The Meydan Theology School, which lies within this province, is one of the most important monumental structures of Hakkari. The inscription on the entrance gate indicates that the theology school was constructed between 1700 and 1701 A.D. The embellishments on the internal courtyard door, exceptional structure and smooth cut masonry represent a unique form of architecture.

The other places worth a visit when in this area are the Halil Church, Tas Köprü or Rock Bridge and the goat statue.

Yüksekova is a large plain, which comes under the administration of Hakkari. This plain is enclosed by high mountains and traversed by the Nehil stream. A large permanent marsh is located in the southeast; temporary marshes and grasslands are found along the river. This area is a delight for bird watchers and the Ardea purpurea, Circus aeruginosus, Grus grus and Otis tarda species breed here.