Castles and Bridges in Hatay

Antakya was surrounded by high ramparts at the Seleukus and Roman periods. There were 360 guard towers throughout the ramparts and there was an inner castle on the highest and steepest hill of the Habib Neccar Mountain. The Demirkapi rampart was constructed as a high and strong wall as the continuance of the ramparts over the deep and narrow valley separating Habib Neccar Mountain and Haç Mountain in order to control the rush of floodwaters coming from Hacikürüs creek. This rampart was also used as an entrance gate to the city and it is still standing. Koz Castle, Bakras Castle, Payas Castle, Mancinik (Catapult) Castle and Darbi - Sak Castle are visited by millions of tourists from all over the world.

The Demirköprü Bridge, an important overpass in the medieval age, is located on the Asi River between Antakya and Reyhanli. The bridge was originally constructed from stones and there were towers and gates at the both ends. The towers now lie in ruins but the bridge is still in use. The Dana Ahmetli Bridge, across the Karasu River in Kirikhan Plains has six arches was constructed by well-known Architect Sinan in 16th century.