Hatay Hotels and Transportation

Getting to Hatay province from Istanbul and Ankara is possible via E-5 highway. Other possible means of transportation are the railway and the sea. The railway station and the port are located inside Iskenderun District.

Hatay has a multitude of accommodation options with various facilities to service your needs when in the province. Various restaurants serve local fare - delicious and satisfying.

The varied cultures of Hatay province are reflected in the rich diversity in cuisine of the region. Oruk, Öcce, Eksili Börülce (sour kidney - bean), Beyaz Kabak Boranisi (White marrow borani), Cevizli Biber (Muhammara) (pepper with walnut), Bakla Ezmesi (Broad bean paste), Humus, Nazli (meat meal) are some of the local mouth-watering delicacies which you should not miss out on. Among the local desert varieties, taste the Peynirli Künefe and Tas Kadayif (Kataif).