History of Hattusas

The history of Hattusas can be traced back to the 3rd millennium B.C. to the settlement of an Anatolian tribe of unknown origin called the Hatti. Much later in around 1800B.C. King Anitta of Kushara invaded the city and ruined it by setting fire to it. Generations later his descendant, King Labarnas invaded it and named it Hattusas (Land of the Hatti). After his conquest, he changed his name to Hattusilis and founded the Hittite kingdom.

A stable period of Hittite rule continued from 1650 to 1200 B.C. and apart from ruling most of Anatolia, the Hittite rule spread to northern Syria as well. This became a bone of contention between the Egyptians and the Hittites, which resulted in the historic Battle of Kadesh. However, with the war ending in an impasse, a truce was called. This is considered to be the first such treaty in human history.

Till about 1200 B.C. the Hittite rule was supreme in west Asia, but due to internal royal conflicts the Empire was left vulnerable to invasion. The Phrygians made use of this opportunity and invaded the city in 1200B.C. but instead of settling there they burned and demolished it. The city we see today was created and established by the Phrygians who returned and settled there between the 9th and 7th centuries B.C. Later Galatian, Byzantine and Roman communities settled there.