Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi - Lineage of Visionaries

Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi had been a man of vast erudition. The title, Hezarfen (a connoisseur of thousand sciences) bears testimony to his multi faceted genius.

He belonged to an educated family that had encouraged "out of the box" thinking for generations. The desire to fly, too, had been a part of the family legacy.

Lagari Hasan, a member of the Celebi clan, is reported to have made a successful flight too. Lagari Hasan was airborne in a rocket that comprised a large cage with a conical top filled with gunpowder. He stayed off the ground for 20 seconds and reached a vertical height of 300 meters.

This attempt was a part of the joyous celebration that marked the birth of Ottoman Emperor Murat IV's daughter. Lagari Hasan escaped his relative's hapless state after a similar performance, perhaps due to the bonhomie of this occasion. Lagari Hasan was given an important position in the state militia for the same act, which fetched an exile for Hezarfen.
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