Main Attractions in Icel

Kulakköy, Tasucu, Susanoglu, Kuruçay, Lamas, Yemiskumu, Kiz Kalesi, Çesmeli, Ören, Balikova, Iskele, Yenikas, Ovacik, Büyük Ecelive and Anamur beaches are but a few of the beaches that dot Icel province's 108 km shoreline. The beaches are coveted because of their fine golden sands, clear azure waters and their suitability for underwater hunting. In fact, a Marina project that matches international standards is under development to enhance the prospects of yacht tourism to East Mediterranean Sea.

If you want to take a peek at Turkish history and archaeology, pay a visit to ancient Pompeiopolis, now called Viransehir. Founded by Rhodians in 700 BC, this site is 13 kms west of Icel and has many remarkable ruins. Further on, at the centre of the Kanlidivane site is an enormous 60 m deep canyon with red-colored walls that gave rise to the local legend that says that criminals were once thrown to their deaths into the huge chasm.

Nearby Tarsus is the birthplace of St. Paul. The city is also the meeting place of legendary loves Antony and Cleopatra, and the commemorative Cleopatra Gate stands tall in this area. The areas between Alanya and Mersin went down in history as a marriage gift to Cleopatra by Mark Antony.

Icel city has many museums including the Mersin Museum and the Mersin Atatürk House. The Mersin museum is established in a small part of an old building and has been opened to the public. Earthenware pottery, glass, bronze opuses and other valuable items of historical and archeological interest belonging to Ancient Bronze Age, Urartu Period, Classical, Hellenistic, Rome and Byzantine periods are exhibited in chronological order. Mersin Atatürk House displays exhibits and ethnographical articles related to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a man with such a dynamic personality that his influence is still alive in Turkey even generations after his death.

The geological movements so characteristic in this region have given rise to the formation of a host of interesting rock formations and natural caves in the province, like the Cennet and Cehennem concave Cave, Narlikuyu, Kösekbükü and Bugu Hole

In Turkey, protected areas of different status have been established in an effort to bequeath their natural heritage to future generations. A 620 years old and 40 meters tall cedar tree with a diameter of 2.34 meters and circumference length of 7.40 meters is a wondrous nature monument in the Koca Katran.

Because Icel province became home for many immigrants from nearby regions, the local culture is a pot-pourri of civilizations. The Icel city hosts the State Opera and Ballet Institution, the fourth after Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. If you are a music buff, be sure to be here in October to attend the Mersin International Music Festival. This festival was first held in 2001, and is now one of the foremost cultural events of the province.
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