Istanbul Palaces and Monuments

Among the famous monuments in Istanbul are the Basilica Cistern and The Hippodrome. The latter was used as a water storage tank and speaks of the magnificent Byzantium era. The Hippodrome (Atmeydani) is another structure that echoes of the flourishing Byzantium days. Here a race was arranged between political parties the outcome of which decided the fate of an emperor.

There are many palaces of interest in Istanbul like Dolmabahçe Palace and the Topkapi Palace. The Topkapi is a huge structure and houses the Imperial Council Chamber, the Imperial Treasury, the Sacred Safekeeping Rooms, Baghdad Kiosk, the Tower of Justice and the Harem.

Çadir Mansion a significant mansion in Yildiz Park was originally built as "Sedir Mansion" but in 1960 was converted into the Tanzimat Museum.

The Beylerbeyi Palace is interesting with its main building, sea mansions, Marble Mansion, Yellow Palace and Hasahir in the backyard. Its garden is of renown too.