Shopping in Istanbul

Shopping in Istanbul is not just buying things but an experience in itself. The winding roads in the bazaar, complete with its familiar sounds, color and smell get you transported to the pages of Arabian Nights. What you will get at the bazaars can never be guessed upon, as the possibilities are limitless. The prices will depend on how low you can make them, so polish your bargaining skills. Finally the markets you should definitely make your presence felt at are the Grand Bazaar, the Egyptian market and the flea market in Beyazit Square.

The natural wealth of Turkey and its talent all seems to assemble at these Istanbul markets. Right from Alabaster to wood inlaid work, each of these objects are a work of art in itself. Moreover, once in Turkey, you should never miss an opportunity of buying antiques and the best shops with the best bargains are what Istanbul offers you.

Istanbul is a very popular destination for property buyers. Luxury real estate developments in Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, Küçükçekmece, Taksim and Şişli are the most choosen districts by foreigners.

The garment industry in Turkey is a throbbing business since Turkey produces its own wool and cotton. Though you need a natural discerning eye to differentiate between what is a quality good and what is not you must beware of fake branded clothing that is available in abundance.

For the bookworm there is good news, Istanbul's markets have a great selection of old prints, maps and books complete with its smell.

Other interesting things to buy are:
  • Brass and Copper articles for home decor
  • Beautiful handmade carpets and seccade
  • Exquisite ceramics, which are called faience or colored tile work
  • Traditional heavily wrought jewelry and intricately worked items
  • Kilims in appealing earthy colors and outstanding designs
  • Leather Apparel of all kinds
  • A wonder stone called Meerschaum, which is carved out to make small trinkets as well as showpieces and small utility items.
  • Fine silk used to make shawls, scarves and other garments is another popular buy.
  • Intricately worked wood inlaid objets d'art are available but it needs careful buying.