Main Attractions in Izmir

The comprehensive history of the land began from the days when (the then) Smyrna was a part of a rich Trojan civilization. Through the periods, Izmir changed hands between Persian, Roman and Byzantine rules, followed by the arrival of the Turks and the Ottoman rule. This has left its marks in the form of many massive constructions and time-defying remnants.

Continuous archeological excavations have led to the unearthing of many such world-famous monuments from Izmir's historical past. Some of these relics such as the Zeus Altar, the Artemis Temple are a part of Izmir's distant past. Some important constructions of the Roman period are the Agora, Acropolis, Theater and the Stadium.

Some remarkable Turkish architectural constructions reminiscent of the Ottoman period are:
  • Bedesten (Ottoman's special trade constructions)
  • Cakaloglu Inns
  • The Hatuniye Mosque
  • The Hisar Mosque
  • The Izmir Clock Tower
  • The Kemeralti Mosque,
  • The Kestane Bazaar Mosque
  • The Kizlaragasi Han
  • The Konak Yali Mosque
  • The Mirkelamoglu
  • The Sadirvan Mosque