Kalkan Architecture

The architecture of Kalkan endures as a pleasant memory in the minds of its visitors. An eclectic mix of the Greek and old Kalkan architecture, the buildings are surely a treat to sore eyes. The Greek Orthodox Church by Kalkan's harbor that has been converted into a mosque is the best example of Greek architecture in Kalkan.

Kalkan buildings are made of stone and maybe that is why they have endured for such a long time. Amongst its main features are small shuttered windows, timbered galleries, whitewashed walls, divergent woodwork, patios and gardens. They are usually two storied and have a mezzanine.

The trademark Kalkan style however consists of a portico, a red tiled roof and a chimneypot. Further there are sills placed between floor levels, on window tops and on corners of buildings that are decorated with columns and column heads. The eves on the other hand are decorated with dentils and cornices.