Activities in Kekova

Kekova is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and above all soaking in the Mediterranean sun. Kayaking is the best way of exploring the underwater ruins and provides a novel experience.

You may swim or snorkel at some points to explore the ruins better. It is a strange experience to brush past remains of ancient churches, city walls and even medieval tombs. But you must be careful of the spiny sea urchins.

If you stop by the island of Kekova the friendly villagers will take you around for a small fee. You can get to see the Byzantine fortress called Kalekoy, the Byzantine church or the necropolis with tombs constructed like upturned boats.

With some more time in hand, you may drive down to Myra and other cities near Lycia like Isinda at Beleni, Apollonia at Kilinkli Istlada at Kapakli and Trysa and Sura at Golbasi.

Souvenirs and gifts can be picked up from Cayagzi.