Main Attractions in Kekova

A trip from Kas by boat along the coastline of Kekova is the most fascinating experience. The boatman will point out little villages, a cave, or the remains of the submerged city. The sight of the ruins below your boat might remind you of a forgotten era - a lost city, staircases leading to nowhere giving you a strange indescribable feeling. It is necessary that you have a good and experienced guide with you to get know about all the small details of the area.

You may try swimming or snorkeling to explore the ruins better. You can brush past remains of buildings and walls, fragments of Roman and Byzantine friezes, under water fountains and walls and mosaic over two thousand years old. However, you must be careful not to pick up any ancient looking relic from the sea as that is against the law. Also prohibited is skin diving near the ruins.

If you have some more time in hand, a drive down Kekova road would be worthwhile. The scenery is spectacular and the archeology is interesting to a first time visitor.