Main Attractions in Kilis

Ravanda Castle/Fortress - With no precise information about the time that the fortress was built, you are left to admire the majestic structure on the mountain slope. The remaining sections of the palace, which have survived the onslaught of time are part of the internal castle and have been constructed by cutting the mountain peaks. It is believed to have an underground city (however, there are no archeological excavations to support the claims). Even if you cannot visit the secretive city, you can roam about in the rows of houses, galleries and many dungeons in the fortress.

Oylum Tumulus - Although there are many tumuli within the city, the Oylum Tumulus, with settlements dating back to the Chalcolithic Age deserves special mention. In fact, it is the biggest tumulus amongst all Anatolian, Syrian and Mesopotamian tumuli.

Kuzeyne or Kuzuini - The old city of Kuzeyne with its ancient remnants - citadels and castles and other remains showing influence of Abbasid, Byzantine, Hittite and Roman architectures is no less than a open air museum.

Korus or (Kiriz) - A Roman site stationed some 20 kilometers east of Kilis, Korus is an altogether different experience with its ruins of castles, a temple and a Roman-style theater.

Akpinar - The Akpinar promenade with its crystal-clear waters bordered by olive groves, orchards and vineyards is a favorite haunt of the natives. Leisure walks on the grass carpet of the promenade can be de-stressing and refreshing.

Sögütlüdere - Sögütlüdere is an amusement and picnic area mostly frequented by the Kilis residents in the summer and spring months. Though a bit crowded in these months, the lush greenery of the parkland and its cool streams will make you fall for it.

There are many other contemporary and historical assets worth seeing in Kilis region - some for their architecture, some for significance and some for their sheer beauty. Under no circumstances should you miss the Akcurun Mosque, the Canpolat Mosque, the Old Turkish Bath, the tomb of Sirahbil bin Hasane or the Ulu (Grand) Mosque.
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