Main Attractions in Kirikkale

Kirikkale does not have a great number of architectural creations to its credit. Lakes and other natural resources are also not abundant here but celebrations and festivities suitably compensate it. So make sure you are a part of this gaiety.

Mosque and Mausoleums are an inimitable part of Kirikkale and it has a fair share of them. The Hasandede Mosque and Mausoleum was constructed in the year 1605.

The Seyh Samil Mosque was constructed by Seyh Samil, who is also the founder of the province. There is a mausoleum close by and was constructed in the memory of Seyh Samil.

Other important mausoleums are the Küçükkafsar Mausoleum, the Tokus Baba Mausoleum and the Halil Dede Mausoleum.

The Çesnigir Bridge a 13th century Seljukian construction is a splendid piece of architecture and speaks volumes about the engineering skills of the Seljukians.

Fishing is a sport highly encouraged in Kirikkale and if you love to sit with your fishing rod then make sure you get the Line Fishing Amateur held at the Kapulukaya Dam Lake and Kizilirmak Valley.

The Gun Museum has a huge collection of guns belonging to the Ottoman and European states within the time period of the 15th and 20th century.

Plan your visit in a way that you get to see the splendid Karakeçili International Cultural Festival that is held from the 15th to the 17th of September every year.
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