Kirikkale Hotels and Restaurants

Kirikkale too has its share of hotels where you can enjoy their hospitality and food during your stay at this city. There are 3 star hotels that provide you with all possible facilities and amenities and make your stay a luxurious one. The 2 star hotels offer more of a basic kind of an accommodation with a bed and breakfast but you may get more if you take a look around the available ones in the city. They may offer other meals too with a number of facilities that are quite beyond expectation. But if you are a backpacker and have a tight budget then a 1 star hotel will do just fine. They usually just offer a bed to sleep in, but before settling in on one it is advisable that you check out the place.

The most popular hotel amongst tourists and also the most recommend one is the Kirikkale hotel located right in the city center.

Vegetables, meat and agricultural products form an important part of the Kirikkale diet. Grilled, fried, roasted and stewed items are almost inevitable in every meal. But taste the different kinds of breads they make like Yufka, Bazlama, Gözleme, Alazlama, Kömbe and Katmer. Bulgur pilaf with meat, flour Tarhana, Tarhana with yogurt, Madimak, bread meal (Guymak), Sizgit and Pelte are also worth a try.

Kilims and saddlebag textiles are the specialty of this part of Turkey and make sure you take one as memorabilia back home.
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