Main Attractions in Kirsehir

Ancient Cities, both on the ground as well as subterranean, castles, vaults, caravanserais, religious monuments, natural resources make a wonderful kaleidoscope in Kirsehir.

The Çagirkan Castle Tumulus is an ancient city that was in existence right from the beginnings of Kirsehir to about the Islamic period. The Center Kalehöyük, equally old however is still in existence to date.

Underground cities like Mucur Underground City and Dulkadirli Inli Underground City are relics from the 3rd to 5th centuries with dungeons, temples, stables, roads, gates and even ventilation shafts.

Amongst the most prominent mosques is the Cacabey Mosque that acted as an astronomy institute during the rule of the Seljuks in the 13th century. Other important mosques in the city are the Ahi Evran Mosque and Mausoleum and the Lala Mosque.

Derefakili Churches are famous for being the very first churches of Christianity. If you have a penchant for castles then the Kus and the Keci castle are sure to delight you.

The Kirsehir Museum also houses artifacts from different periods and even going back to the ancient times during the rule of the Assyrians. Apart from these attractions, there is in Kirsehir the Karakurt Thermal Spring located at the Karalar village. Located close to the city center there are accommodation facilities, a market and even a tea garden.

Protected areas include the Kirsehir - Seyfe Lake Nature Reserve that is home to endangered birds like the Bustard and Shelduck and also the breeding ground of flamingos. Other species of birds numbering to almost 167 are found at this Lake.

The Hirfanli Dam should be another retreat tucked away in the city and is definitely worth a visit.
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