Main Attractions in Konya

A wild mix of natural assets and man made structures makes sightseeing a pleasure in Konya. There are two ancient cities within easy distance; one being Catalhoyuk and the second is Clistra Antic City. The former is supposed to exist from 6800 BC and could also be the first settlement with houses and sacred buildings in the history of mankind. The latter was one of the first places from where St. Paul delivered his sermons and has splendid archaeological exploits like, Sumbul Church, Great Water Cistern Chapel, Hadj Plank Chapel and Double Sirahane.

Religious monuments include the Seljuk Pavilion, Sahip Ata Medrese, Mevlana Medrese, Sircali Medrese, Karatay Medrese, Aziziye Mosque, Esrefoglu Mosque (Beysehir), Selimiye Mosque etc.

Apart from this there are mausoleums, and the famous Alaettin Mosque built by Seljuk Sultan Rum, that dates back to 1219. The architectural design of the mosque has had many additions down the ages making it one of the must sees for the tourist.

The Sille Aya - Elena Church was built by Helena, mother of one of the most famous rulers the world has seen. The church and its decorations have great artistic value apart from being one of the remains of a glorious historical period.

Monuments include the Eflatunpinar, a Hittite monument that stands for the Gods supporting the sky. The Fasillar Monument is one of the largest rock structures on earth.

There are palaces too in this city and the most famous of them all, the Kubad - Abad Palace lies southwest of Beysehir Lake. Constructed between 1226 and 1236 this palace is the oldest of Turkish Palaces.

Other similar structures are the Horozlu Han, Zazadin Han and the Obrukhan Han.

Konya has its own share of museums as well where you will find well preserved remains of the bygone era.

The bounteous natural beauty in Konya gives it an abundant supply of lakes, parks, sanctuaries, volcanic craters, waterfalls, thermal resorts and caves for you to explore and enjoy so that you do not have a single dull moment during your trip there.

Moreover you could also enjoy hunting in the woods and forests where hunting tourism is actively encouraged. Cycling is the best way to see around Konya and do not miss The Mevlana International Cycle Race that is an annual event here between 5th and 9th September.
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