History of Kusadasi

The foundation of modern Kusadasi was first laid by the Venetians who established it as a colony in the 16th century. The Venetians and Genoases in the middle ages ruled Kusadasi, under the name of Scala Nova. In 1071, when the Malazgirt war broke, the Seljuk Turks started spreading in Anatolia and in 1304, when the Turkish principalities were forming, Sasa Bey was the authority of Kusadasi.

Since Kusadasi was a harbor town, the Turks soon learnt maritime business and led a comfortable life. The town got attached to Seljuk Government in 1186 and almost after 200 years, the city became Ottoman. After the First World War, from the Ottoman Govt., Kusadasi went into the hands of the Italians, following a treaty. At this time, the town got filled with Turks, Greeks, Jews and Armenians, most of whom left Kusadasi after Turkey's victory in the War of Independence led by Ataturk (in 1923).