Maiden's Tower Today

After remaining a private property as part of different empires - Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman - Kiz Kulesi first opened its gates for the commoners about 2500 years after it was built. The present day tower has been restored by the Denizcilik Bank (Turkish Marinary Bank) and even today it continues to render its services to the nation as a lighthouse, a semaphore station, a customs control area and other significant jobs.

Befitting the times, Leander's Tower now houses a restaurant, a cafeteria and a gift center and has become a popular tourist destination. Both the cafeteria and the restaurant remain open from 12.00 hrs - 19.00 hrs, six days a week (excluding Mondays) the year-round. The restaurant satisfies the gourmet within you with its selective list of Turkish delicacies. Side by side, it also pampers the music-lover, connoisseur in you by dishing out quality music. While 'Group Leandros' formed on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings present music of the bygone eras, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings are meant for some revitalizing, contemporary fun songs.

The other see-you-must at the Maiden's Tower is the small Bosphorus Museum. The observation tower atop the tower giving you a 360° view of Istanbul will make your visit to the Tower one of the most memorable experiences of your life.
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