Activities in Malatya

In Malatya you can indulge yourself in several activities. Trekking is a good option in Nemrur dagi, Sultan Suyu valley and Levent Valley. You can go for fishing too, in regions like Karakaya, Sultan Suyu and Surgu Dam Lake. If you are a sports-lover you can try the traditional sport of Cirit - a type of horseback javelin. You can also try your hand in marketing as Malatya has some of the best markets of the regions like Kapali Bazar, Sire bazaar (apricot market), desiccated apricot bazaar, Ataturk and Inonu Caddesi, etc. The buyable items of Malatya include tablecloths, curtains, hand-painted handkerchiefs; brightly colored carpets, kilims, light rugs and traditionally crafted copper kitchenware.