Main Attractions in Malatya

The province of Malatya is strewned with historical as well as natural treasures.

Two small towns of Arslantepe (7 kilometers) and Battalgazi (9 kilometers), lying outside the city proper has huge historical relevance. Arslantepe, ancient Milid, used to be the capital of the Hittite kingdom. Scientific excavations that have started in 1932 and are still continuing have revealed seven different layers dating back to the Calcolithic Age.

Today, the ancient remains constitute a palace (with statues and relieves), few wall paintings and the remains of a Roman village. Battalgazi, early Melitene, has same historic value as it used to be an important center of Byzantine and Medieval period. The city walls of Battalgazi constructed by the Byzantine encompass the Ulu Mosque (1247), which was built by the Seljuks.

Apart from these towns, you can also visit historical places like Malatya castle (Roman-Byzantine period), old Arapgir Castle (Anatolian-Seljukian period), Yeni Mosque, Yusuf Ziya Mosque, Dogansehi Castle (Roman period), Namazgah Mosque (bears Seljuk testimony) and Arapkir Ulu Mosque. The old caravanserais, like the Silahtar Mustafa Pasa caravanserai (built by the gunner of the Ottoman Dynasty) and Tashan caravanserai (Seljuk dynasty) in old Darends, are worth visiting. You also must not miss the Malatya archaeological Museum, which has 15000 artifacts of varied time periods on display.

Moving on to natural splendors, you must come to Mount Nemrut (2150 meters), which has been declared as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO. It houses numerous colossal statues adorning the temple and tomb of King Antiochus and it is indeed a sight to see them at sunrise and sun down. Nemrut dagi also happens to be an important National park in the country. If nature fascinates you, you can also come to Sultan Suyu district, particularly Lake Sultan suyu dam, which is a magnificent picnic spot. Karakaya Dam Lake, Gunpinar waterfall, Kizik village and Gunduzberg spring are some of the most picturesque spots in this region. The Orduzu spring in Yesil yurt is lovely, too and the region is famous for its cherry festival (June).
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