Malatya Hotels and Restaurants

In Malatya the main meal constitutes of cooked meat and bulgar (cracked wheat). The local specialties of Malatya are Kagit kebap and Icli Kofte. Since apricot is the most famous local produce, it is used in varied forms in different food items.

There are different ranges of accommodation in Malatya. The 2-star hotels like Kekova Hotel offers the basic bed and breakfast, average service and at times provide with lunch and dinner. Avpar and Ataer hotels in Malatya are 3-star. These hotels are nice and clean and offer standard service. The amenities include large sized well-furnished rooms; open buffet breakfast, public area and restaurant. Sometimes, they also provide TV, minibar and air-conditioning facilities. However, if you want superior service, go for 4-star hotels like Altin Kayisi, Garden Kale Hotel and Grand Akkoza Hotel.
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