Main Attractions in Mardin

Mardin is teeming with historical wealth. A tourist can literally find numberless spots of interest. The fortress, Kasimiye Medresse, Zinciriye Medresse and Grand Mosque are popular attractions. The several Medresses of Mardin are actually old traditional schools of Koran.

The Sultan Isa Medresse is renowned for its intricately carved doorway. The Kasim Pasa Medresse pulls crowds with its prominent dome and exquisite stone work. The Ulu Mosque, on the other hand, stands out for its beautiful minaret.

The attractive Artutid architectural style is a definite crowd puller. Samples of the Artutid architecture can be found 21 km southwards from Mardin, at a place called Kiziltepe.

The Deyr'ul Zafaran Monastery is an orthodox Syrian monastery. You can enjoy long and illuminating discourses with the abbot to explore religious history. The place still holds services in the language spoken by Jesus, which is Aramaic.

The Mar Yakup Monastery is also a sight worth visiting. The two monasteries are protectively fortified along with the Church of Virgin Mary.

The museum of Mardin is a storehouse of ancient remnants from the historic past. Originally built way back in 1895, the museum houses historical representations from 4000 BC. You can find exciting peeks into a medley of cultures including the Assyrian, Urartian, Hellenistic, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Artuklu and Ottoman.

Mardin beckons you with its magical charm that harmonizes the present with the mystic past.
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