Mardin Hotels and Accommodation

Accommodation in Mardin is usually an elaborate one. One of Turkey's most famous and great hotels is in Mardin, the Erdoba Evleri. The hotel is actually a manor built by two Jewish merchant princes. It has huge rooms, vaulted ceilings, and elaborately carved stone structures that make you feel like resident nobility. The final surprise lies in its price, which is almost unimaginable.

Located in the center of the city is The Oztopraklar hotel, it is only three kms. from the Mardin Airport. The detailed stone carvings and ornamentation of the hotel showcases Turkish architectural wonders. All rooms have standard amenities and also come with a balcony. However if you opt for apartments you also get your own kitchen.

The Grant hotel Mardin is a four star hotel and you can expect warm hospitality and good food at this place. Other places of lodging at Mardin are:
  • Azzye Hotel
  • Aydilar Hotel
  • Erdoba Konaklari
  • Bile Hotel
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