Activities in Marmaris

Marmaris promises many activities for those who love to hunt shops and for those who are in to nightlife.

As far as shopping goes, Marmaris is the paradise. Prices are cheap and bargaining guarantees more reductions. However, quality is not tampered with. Traveler's most coveted items are leather, ceramics, jewellery and carpets and these are available in numerous shops. Knowing certain expressions like 'chock para' (too much money), 'chock pahela' (too expensive) or 'para yok' (I have no money) can help you while marketing, particularly if hassled by any vendor.

Nightlife lovers are charmed by the cosmopolitan flavor of Marmaris' nightlife. There is the world famous Bar Street, which is dotted with innumerable bars and nightclubs. Wine and music flow freely for all night long. Some of the popular joints are Tropical Gardens nightclub/ bar, Green house, etc.