Marmaris, Coming to and Getting around

Public conveyance is plentiful and comfortable in Marmaris. Tourists can avail charter flights, which are available from all the major European cities (April to October) and thus reach Dalaman, the local airport. Dalaman is one-hour drive from Marmaris.

Once in Marmaris, you can reach any destination by availing a Dolmus or a taxi. The former is a local minibus that has wide network, frequent service and cheap fare. Taxi (locally Taksi) is another popular means of transport and is always equipped with a meter. A 15% tip is conventional.

If you want to hire a car for touring Marmaris, then all sorts of cars like Toyota, Ford, Fiats, minibuses, mountain bikes, etc are available. A driver and a guide can also be rented by paying extra.

Last but not the least, there are ferries which run between Rhodes and Marmaris. During summer, daily service is available whereas in winter they run twice a week.
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