Dining in Marmaris

Turkish cuisine is one of the most important attractions of the travelers who are visiting Marmaris. There are various types of food joints where you can treat the food freak in you with exquisite Turkish cuisines. You can visit roadside vendors and have the kebabs, lahmacun, pide (pizzas) or you can opt for traditional lokantas for Turkish foods. Big restaurants are best if you want the authentic Turkish cuisine or go for other international cuisines.

Fish is extremely fresh in Marmaris and Kalkan (Turbot), Luifar (Blue fish), Barbunya (Gray mallet) are some of the popular choices. Few of the lunch and dinner time specials of Marmaris are Doner Kebab, Pilic Sis, Iman Bayildi, etc. As far as dessert is concerned, the popular choices are Balkava, Bulbul Yuvasi and Sutlac and finally you can round off the dinner with Turkish coffee.

Among the drinks, Raki is the most popular one in Turkey. Apart from that beers and wines are also produced. Those who prefer soft drinks can have fresh fruit juices or Ayran (yogurt mixed with water).