Life and Inspirations of Mimar Sinan

Koca Mimar Sinan Agha (1489-1588) was born into a Christian family, probably of Greek origin, in central Anatolia at the turn of the sixteenth century. He later converted to Islam.

It is said that Sinan had been forcibly inducted into the Janissary Corps of the Ottoman Army, in around 1512. However, his term in the military went on to set the course for the whole of his life.

In his capacity as a military engineer, he was in charge of a variety of constructions, ranging from defense edifices, to ships and bridges. He also traveled extensively to various Central European and Arab countries, where he encountered myriads of civilizations and lifestyles. It is this exposure to varied structural styles, which imparted versatility in Sinan's works.

He made his mark as an architect of note with the bridge he built over River Pruth in Moldovia. He was amazingly quick in this work and in 1538, his dexterity and ingenuity with architectural designs earned him the post of Chief Architect to the Sultan himself.
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