Mount Nemrut Attractions

The main attractions in Mount Nemrut are the East and West terraces, tumulus, the statues, and the relief.

On the top of Mount Nemrut, lies the Hierothesion, which is the sacred resting place built by Antiochos himself. The whole structure consists a tumulus and three terraces. The tumulus is actually a structure created by piling up pieces of stone and is 50 m in height and 150 m in diameter. Though many discoveries suggest that the Hierothesion was Antiochos' burial ground, yet scientific research proves the absence of any sort of chamber or a cavity in the tumulus.

Three terraces on the east, west and north side, flank the Hierothesion. The east and west each contain a similar row of statues and three rows of relief. The terrace also has a large altar meant for sacrifices and offerings and measures about 13.5x13.5m. On the other hand, the north terrace is void of any statues or relief.

The statues that were a part of the east and west terrace consisted Zeus, Apollo, Hercules, Tyche (Fortuna) and of Antiochus himself. Finally, a lion and an eagle were placed beside them as guardians. These huge statues made of stone now lie in a destructed form with heads of the deities lying on the ground.

The relief on the terrace depicts the ancestors of Antiochos I and is in an incomplete form.