Main Attractions in Mus

Although the main attraction of the Mus Province is its breathtaking natural surroundings, there are several historical sites, monuments and mosques that you will find interesting to visit.

The ancient city of Kayalidere lies only 40 kilometers away from Mus city center. This was a settlement of the ancient Urartu civilization. Excavations conducted in 1965 have revealed an ancient castle dating back to 735-765 BC, Presumably built by the Urartu King II Sarduri. Apart from the castle, which is still intact, you can see ruins of a temple with the bronze statue of a lion from the 7th century, some buttons, arrowheads, bronze pins and arch pieces

The Ulu Mosque, Haci Seref Mosque and Alaaddin Pasa Mosque are some of the mosques from the Seljuk period. These are in the center of Mus province and are worth visiting. Besides, there are a few mausoleums in Mus that you may explore during your visit.

A few churches also remain from the Sasani civilization but most of them are in a state of ruin and little remains for the visitor to see. The Church with Bell in the upper Yongali Village in the province of Mus is quite often visited by tourists. At the beginning, it was a fire temple, but in the year 399, it was opened for worship by the Christians.

The Meryem Ana church at the city center in Mus is also open for visits to the public though the roof has collapsed.

The Arak Monastery in the Kepenek village is another ancient monument constructed during the Sasani period but now it lies in ruins.

The beautiful lakes of Mus are perhaps its greatest attraction. The Hacli Lake in the Bulanik district is located at an altitude of 1600 meters and is a sweet water lake. Although the waters of the lake are muddy, you will find many fresh water fish like carp in the lake. Rare bird species like kasikci and boz ordek are found in the area, so the Hacli Lake has also been marked as an Ornithology area. The other bird species found in the Bulanik plains include kucuk karabatak, gulen sumru and hazar sumrusu.

The Akdogan Lakes located east of Varto district is a large lake with a surface area of 11 square kilometers. This too is a fresh water lake with trout and carp in its waters. Besides, the forest area around it is home to many hunting animals like beaver, wild duck and crane.

Another lake you can visit is the Kaz Lake in the Malazgirt district.

While you are at Mus, you must make it a point to taste the local dishes like Mus koftesi (meat balls), and the stuffed cabbage preparation - lahana dolmasi. Corti meal and kesek are the other local delicacies.

Pinking, bead work and lace work of Mus is famous as also the carpets and blanket textile crafts. You can pick up some of these items as souvenirs from the local markets.
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